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Trade Link Rule
This script measures traffic productivity and returns traffic based upon it. If you send high quality traffic then you can expect high returns (up to 120%). If you send low quality traffic such as exit traffic then your return will not be as high. If you try to cheat then your productivity will be zero and hence will receive no return traffic.

No illegal.
No console. ex: popup etc...
No ActiveX and Auto Bookmark.
You must have own Free Gallery. No gallery site & pay site won't allow.
You must send traffic more than 100+/day.
For better trade,set hourly force at 10+,please.



please send all hits to:
Webmaster ICQ# = 326529101
Domain Name:
for example: (no http://www.)
Site Name:
For Toplists.
Url to Send Hits To:
This is where you want us to send hits to. for example:
Your ICQ#:
Your Nick:
Your E-mail:

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